Saturday, April 14, 2012

Trayvon Martin vs George Zimmerman Is It A Black Thing?

The killing of Trayvon Martin incited outrage and protest marches across the country. He was shot on the evening of Feb. 26 as he returned from buying Skittles and iced tea at a 7-Eleven and wearing a hoodie, bound for the home in a gated community in Sanford, a small city just north of Orlando, where he and his father were guests.

Mr. Zimmerman, the founder of the local neighborhood watch, called 911 that evening to report that Mr. Martin looked like “a real suspicious guy.” Some questioned whether Mr. Martin attracted Mr. Zimmerman’s attention simply because he was black. Television commentators suggested that Mr. Martin might have looked suspicious because he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt. Others were outraged by the slow reaction of the local police and prosecutors, who did not immediately arrest and charge Mr. Zimmerman, saying that Florida’s self-defense law could make it difficult to prove a criminal case against him.
No doubt there are very few people in this country who have not heard about the Trayvon Martin killing. It is a sad thing to see anyone’s life being taken. Life is so precious. Lay the facts aside and still that was someone’s son. His mother carried him for 9 months. His parents no doubt sacrificed for him for the past 17 years. They had hopes and expectations for his future. His future will not happen. He was pronounced dead on February 26 at 7:30 PM.
The question becomes, what really happened that night and why? Today, we cannot afford to rush to judgment until all of the facts are revealed. What was the motive? Was it a racially motivated killing, was it just a case of a trigger happy wanna-be Barney Fife, or was this really justifiable homicide as a result of self-defense? Honestly, today we do not know.
Consequently, there is a word for the people of God to abide by. We all want justice to prevail, but let it be righteous justice. Let us not be ‘race hustlers’ as some have been accused of doing. If it was motivated by race then we as the church have still more work to do. We need to work to change hearts of people so that the love of Christ prevails, which brings people together, and it does not divide. We in this country have been divided for far too long which is a trick of Satan. The Word of God says, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” Let it be said that we worked to bring people together in love and unity for the cause of Christ and righteousness and not divided and angry for the cause of Satan and evil. 
By the way, George Zimmerman is Hispanic and not white. It is not a black vs a white thing. It is a sin vs a righteousness thing. Whether it was self-defense on his part or not, let us call it what it really is and not use a generic term like racism; it is sin.
We must work to root out sin and things like racism and the other schisms will follow.
I’m just saying…

Do you agree with me, yes or no?